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HKS EVC-S Electronic Boost Valve Controller


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  • Model: 45003-AK009
  • Manufactured by: HKS

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HKS EVC-S utilizes the solenoid valve. The original EVC's complex functions were simplified and contained in EVC-S. It works for both internal and external wastegate types. Junction connection system that connects the display unit, solenoid valve, and boost sensor to the control unit is utilized for simple installation. Appearance of the display unit was designed to match well with other HKS electronics parts. Reasonable functions for reasonable price. Traditional HKS EVC series. Ultimate basic model.

Easier installation by separate setup
Separated units are connected to the center control unit.
Thin display unit enables free layout.
Unified design
The same design as A/F Knock Amp. and other items.
Unified design for whole HKS electronics products.

Basic functions & cost-conscious function
2 control modes (A/B mode)
Basic parameters Offset, Response Control range of solenoid duty output = 0-100%
Warning, Drop boost functions
Peak hold, after-image indication functions
Applicable for both internal and external wastegate types
Stock boost recovery function when power is off
Data lock function
Diagnosis function for malfunction of boost sensor and valve or wiring connection

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