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AEM Infinity 6 StandAlone ECU EMS Rotary, 4-6 Cylinder


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  • Model: 30-7106
  • Manufactured by: AEM

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The AEM Infinity-6 ECU is ideal for is an affordable state-of-the-art engine control unit (ECU) designed for four and six cylinder engines. Extensive research and development was put into designing the Infinity -6 to ensure that it delivers an unmatched price point for this level of engine control.

One of the main great features of the AEM Infinity-6 is its 'Airflow Model Based Calculations'
Infinity’s airflow model based systems greatly reduce the amount of time it takes to set up and tune an engine by eliminating many of the lookup and trim tables (correction tables) necessary in previous generation ECUs. The Infinity’s airflow based, or volumetric efficiency (VE) based models calculate an engine’s requirements in real time based on an advanced algorithm that has various modes for calculating air flow. Once the user inputs an engine’s basic parameters (displacement, cylinders, ignition type, and firing order) and methods of calculation for airflow and ignition they can begin setting the engine’s VE table in the software.

A great ECU for Rotary, 4 cylinder & 6 cylinder engine applications. The AEM Infinity-6 will control a wide verity of engines using the original factory CAS/ Crank Angle Sensor, CPS/ Cam Position Sensor, Magnetic Pickups, etc. This includes:
- MAZDA ROTARY 13B N/A, 13BT (1987-91 FC RX-7 Turbo II), 13B-REW (1993-95 FD RX-7) 13B-RE & 20B 3 Rotor (Cosmo)
- Mitsubishi 1990-1999, 2003-2006 EVO/Evolution 7/8/9, 4G63T engine.
- Toyota 1993-1998 Toyota Supra w/ 2JZGTE engine.
- And Many More
- :::NOTE:::> This ECU requires the AEM Infinity Universal "Flying Lead" Wiring Harnesses found on our site. Part Number: 30-3704 <:::NOTE:::

- For Engine Types: 2 Rotor, 3 Rotor, 4 Cylinder, 6 Cylinder
- Works with Injector Types: Low Or High Impedance Fuel Injectors (Sequential Fire) Both 2-Stroke & 4-Stroke Engines.
- Coils (0-5V Falling Edge): Up to 6
- Digital Inputs: Up to 6
- VR/Mag Inputs: Up to 4
- Analog Voltage Inputs: Up to 9
- Analog Temp Inputs: Up to 3
- Knock Control: 2-Channel
- On Board Wideband Air/Fuel Controllers: 1
- Drive-By-Wire: Single
- 4-Wire Stepper Motor Control: Yes
- CAN Channels: 2
- Boost Control (RPM, Time, Gear, VSS, Switch Input, Flex Fuel Content) :Yes

- Airflow model based (VE) tuning
- ECU Set Up Wizard simplifies start up
- Flex Fuel compatible
- Multi fuel capable
- Drive by wire
- Variable valve control
- Multiple boost control strategies
- Nitrous control
- Map switching (on-the-fly)
- Internal wideband UEGO air/fuel controller
- Launch Control
- Traction Control
- Variable Cam Control: Up to 2
- Engine Protection: Yes
- Data Logging: Up to 64GB
- Outputs to 3rd party dashes and loggers (via CAN bus only)
- Industry leading transfer speed
- Integrated engine protection strategies
- Sealed enclosure and IP67-rated comms ports

Rotary Specific Information:
The Infinity-6 80-pin ECU for all Mazda 13B, 13BT, 13B RE, 13B REW and 20B race engines as a Supported Application (PN 30-7106). A Plug & Pin Kit (PN 30-3704) and Universal Wiring Harness (PN 30-3705) are available for adapting the Infinity-6 ECU onto Mazda 2-rotor and 3-rotor race engines.

The 30-7106 Infinity ECU for the 13B and 20B supports all factory sensors (excluding the factory MAF on 2nd generation FC engines). A base calibration is included to run a 2-rotor FD engine, 2-rotor with sequential ignition and 3-rotor with sequential ignition. It features fuel injection control for up to three separate stages of injectors, dual knock sensor inputs, and oil metering pump stepper motor control with position monitoring and failsafe strategies. A trailing ignition split table is included for control of trailing ignition timing.

The Infinity ECU supports the 2nd generation FC3S crank angle sensor and 3rd generation FD3S factory engine crank sensors. Support of popular aftermarket engine timing patterns for the Mazda rotary engines includes evenly spaced crank with one sync tooth (once per crank rev) and evenly spaced crank with one- or two-missing teeth where no sync is required (12-1, 36-1, 60-2, etc.).

The Infinity supports factory FD3S ignition coils (waste spark leading, sequential trailing), and supports full sequential ignition coil conversions like AEM's High Output IGBT ignition coils up to three rotor. FC3S multiplexor trailing ignition coils are not supported.

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