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Tial Blow Off Valve (BOV) Spring


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  • Model: BOV-006
  • Manufactured by: TiAL

Tial BOV blow off valve Spring. Made by Tial and used to change out the spring pressure on the Tial BOV's to affect the BOV response to reduce comprssor surge (different spring levels affect the amount of vacuum required on each engine to open the BOV on throttle release)

Use the cart below to select the proper BOV spring for your application.

Engine Vacuum Reading Between_____/__ Color ____/____Use Spring
-22 & -23 in/Hg ___________________ Pink ___________ -12 psi (-24 in/Hg)
-18 & -21 in/Hg ___________________ Un-painted_______-11 psi (22 in /Hg)
-14 & -17 in/Hg ___________________ White ___________ -9 psi (22 in/Hg)
-10 & -17 in/Hg ___________________ Black ____________ -7 psi (14 in/Hg)

Note::: Measure engine vacuum at idle while at operating temperature

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