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3.00" Downpipe BIG TURBO - VW MKIV Transverse 1.8T


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For T25 / T28 / GT25 / GT28 Housing

For T3 3-Bolt Housing (Internal Wastegate)

For T3 5-Bolt Housing (Extranal Wastegate)

For T3, 2.50" 4-Bolt Housing

For T3, 3.00" 4-Bolt Housing

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  • Model: VVW014

** Bolts to most GT series & T series turbos. If you have questions regarding fitment on your application please email us at himniracing@digital.net ***

This 3.00" stainless steel downpipe is designed to work with the MK4 1.8T cars & the cast exhaust manifold found on our site. The downpipe of choice for upgrading to T series & GT series turbos. A Very Versatile Design to be used with the following exhaust housings.

T25 / T28 / GT 5 bolt
T3 & GT 3" 4-Bolt
T3 & GT 2.5" 4-Bolt
T3 & GT 5-Bolt (External wastegate)
T3 & GT 3-Bolt (Internal Wastegate)

All of the above housings are found on most T3/T4 & the Garrett GT turbos.
Including: T3/T4, T3/T04E, GT28R, GT28RS, GT2871R, GT25/40R, GT2876R, GT30R, GT3071R, GT3076R, GT3040R, GT3582R, GT35R

The downpipe comes with your choice of adapter flange that allows fitment to your exhaust housing / turbo. Pick from above, the correct adaptor for your needs / turbo's exhaust housing.

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