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HKS Cast Log Turbo Exhaust Manifold FD Mazda RX7 DISCONTINUED


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  • Model: G17141-Z60020
  • Manufactured by: HKS

DISCONTINUED, No longer available. This part has been discontenued by HKS and in no longer available. Out of stock permanently.

HKS Cast-iron "log" turbo exhaust manifold for the for all 1993-2001 Mazda FD RX-7's. Used for signal turbo conversions.. one of the most durable manifolds made. An ideal solution for budget sensitive turbo builds when an HR tubular FD V3 Alpha manifold isn't an option. The HKS cast log manifold/turbo header is far superior in every aspect compared to any crack-happy "shinny" manifolds that are made in china using junk metal, by 10 year old kids paid with a sandwich and sold on auction sites or even worse, re-badged by "shops" as their own. The HKS cast mani is durable, divided & from a name you can trust.

Low mount turbo placement, flanged for use with most turbos using a T4, T04 turbine/exhaust housing. Not recommended for use with large turbos due to clearance issues. Made for use with the HKS standard 40mm or Racing external wastegate. May also be used with a Tial 38mm V38 MVS or Tial 44mm MVR waste gate with the use of one of our HKS to Tial wastegate adapter flanges. (contact us if you need an adapter for your application)

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