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2.00" 45 Degree Stainless Steel Thick Wall Elbow/Pipe


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Though normal pipe sizes are listed in standard sizes (2", 2.50", 3" etc) the ACTUAL inner & outer diameter of the pipe is different. This is how pipe (rather than tube) is measured. Below are the actual sizes. Insure you are buying the correct size before adding this item to you cart.

2.00" diameter 45 degree bend, thick wall stainless steel pipe/ elbow. These tight radius T304 / 304 / 304L SS pipes are most commonly used in the performance after market to build runners for exhaust headers & turbo charger manifolds. They are also perfect for T25, T3, T4 & T6 merge collectors. Very durable, 1/8" (3mm) extra think wall makes them ideal for use in high heat applications & holding heavy turbos. The smooth unrestricted bending allows for maximum exhaust flow & each end of the pipe feature chamfered edges to insure proper penetration, seamless while butt welding. Used for engine flange to turbo flange runners, wastegate runners & dump tubes & even downpipes & up pipes.

Detailed Specifications:
Actual O.D. - 2.37"
Actual I.D. - 2.15"
Centerline Radius - 1 3/8"
Wall Thickness 1/8" (3mm)
Elbow degree: 45
Material: 304 Stainless Steel
Leg: Short

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