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Garrett GT3071R-WG Ball Bearing Turbo - 84 Trim (450 HP)

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T25 w/ Internal Wastegate

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  • Model: gar-3071R-WG S1
  • Manufactured by: Garrett

This turbo (GT3071R-WG 84 Trim) is the first of 3 Garrett GT3071R variants found on our site. This turbo (#1) & #2 use a smaller 56.5mm turbine wheel & comes with T25 internal wastegate housings only. They are:
#1 GT3071R-WG 84 trim (Uses a 56.5mm turbine wheel, 84 Trim, T25 housing, Internal wastegate only)
#2 GT3071R-WG 90 trim (Uses a 56.5mm turbine wheel, 90 Trim, T25 housing, Internal wastegate only)
#3 GT3071R (Uses a Larger 60mm wheel, Many turbine housings)

This turbo is capable of 450 HP. Brand new authentic Garrett GT3071R-WG 84 trim dual ball bearing turbo charger. Comes with T25 .64 A/R turbine housing with internal wastegate & 84 Trim Turbine wheel. Also known as the "HKS GT2835R, GT2835 Pro S"

This turbo stems from same turbo as the high flowing, larger framed GT3071R, but packaged into the same type of turbine housing as the popular GT28RS & GT2871R turbos. The turbo is configured with its own turbo wheel trim, turbine A/R, and compressor housing. Unlike, the GT28RS and GT2871R, this turbo now has a larger compressor housing to support the much higher flowing 71mm compressor wheel.

Note:: ALL of our Garrett GT turbochargers come Fully Balanced from the factory & have the Manufacturers Warranty.

The turbo part number change based on the turbine & compressor housing selected, CHRA numbers only, etc. The following Garrett P/N's applies to this turbo.

The Garrett GT series line up is much more efficient then the old "T" technology & provides spool-up 1000's of RPMs quicker. The GT series turbos are stronger, more reliable, have less shaft movement, better flow dynamics, less lag....the list goes on. Simply put, GT blows T away!!

- Wheel: 71mm w/ 56 trim
- Housing A/R: .50 a/r
- Housing Style: 3" inlet & 2.00" Outlet
- Polished Housing Available: Select Above

Turbine / Exhaust:
- Wheel: 56.5mm w/ 84 trim
- Housing A/R: .64 A/R
- Turbine Housing Style: T25 with Internal wastegate (actuator sold separately)

Center Section:
- Dual Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
- Oil & Water Cooled

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