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Garrett T3/T61 Stage III Hybrid Turbo - 550 HP

Starting at: $756.00

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Ported Anti-Surge Comp Housing?


Exhaust / Turbine Housing Type

T3 Undivided w/ 2.5" 4_Bolt Exit

T3 w/ 5_Bolt Exit (Ford Style)

T3 w/ Special Cosworth 3 Bolt Discharge

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  • Model: GAR-T361-061
  • Manufactured by: Garrett

This turbo is capable of 550 HP. Real Garrett T3/T61 Hybrid Turbo charger. High Flow StageIII turbine wheel with your pick of turbine housing & A/R. Large T04S compressor snail with 4.00 inlet and 2.50" outlet.. Also available with the more compact T04E compressor housing with 3" inlet & 2" outlet.

Compressor Wheel: 61mm Ind./82mm Exd.
Compressor Housing 1: T04S with 4" inlet & 2.5" outlet
Compressor Housing 2: Compact T04E with 3" inlet & 2" outlet
Ported Anti-surge housing option available?: Yes (T04S housing only)

Turbine Wheel: T3 Stage III
- Turbine Housing option #1: T3 undivided w/ 2.5" 4 Bolt downpipe discharge (.48/.63 &.82 A/R Only) Used with external wastegate.
- Turbine Housing option #2: T3 undivided w/ 5 Bolt downpipe discharge. (.63 or .82 A/R Only) Use with Internal or external wastegate
- Turbine Housing option #3: T3 w/ special Cosworth 3 bolt downpipe discharge. (.72 A/R only)

Center Section:
- Oil cooled (no water lines needed)
- Rebuildable Journal Bearing

ALL of our Garrett turbochargers come Fully Balanced from the factory & have the Manufacturers Warranty. All Garrett Turbos listed on our site are real Garrett units.

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