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Bosch 040 In-Tank Internal Fuel Pump - 600 HP

Price :
  • Model: BOSCH-R12FUL049
  • Manufactured by: Bosch


Bosch high flow in-tank 040 internal fuel pump. 300LPH of flow and operates at nominal, close to 100 PSI. The Bosch 040 fuel pump can support vehicles on applications up to 600-700 horsepower in single pump mode. Can also be used in pair for setups well over 1000HP! This unit is more compact than the 044 pump for easy placement into the fuel tank location. It works extremely well with high pressure fuel pressure regulators and is a good drop in pump for any high HP gas or Ethanol powered turbo setups. AUTHENTIC EUROPEAN MADE

Spec Info: 300 LPH free flow and 200 LPH at 5 bar (or 72.5 psi) for up to 685 BHP. In comparison, the Walbro 255 "high pressure" fuel pump can support only 390 BHP.

The Bosch 044 Pump (similar to this one) is for use with external mounting & comes with a threaded inlet for adapting a feed hose/line.
The Bosch 040 Pump (this one) is for use with in-take/internal mounting & comes with a open screen filter type inlet for submerged fuel pick-up.
12mm x1.5 threads outlet female threads. Metric adapter fittings for the inlet found on our site under category "Fittings & Lines"


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