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Big GT Turbo SS Oil Feed Line Kit - Mazda RX-7


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  • Model: HR-FEED-004
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing

Himni Racing SS oil feed line kit for use with Large frame Garrett 'GT BALL BEARING SERIES' Turbochargers only. (GT3788R-Up)

Other kits available for the following turbo configurations are also found in our catalog. Applications for:
- Stock 87-92 Turbo II TurboCharger
- T Series TurboChargers
- Mide Sized Garrett GT Series TurboChargers (GT25-GT35R)

NOTE, pick engine type from menu. We have kits available for the following engines:
Mazda 13BT Turbo II (87-92)
Mazda 13B-REW (93-99)
Mazda 13B-RE (2 rotor Cosmo)
Mazda 20B (3 rotor Cosmo)

The Himni Racing Stainless Steel Braided 'BIG GT SERIES' Mazda RX-7, Turbo Oil Feed Line Kit is for use with the Big Garrett GT series turbos. (list seen below) Uses larger .065 restrictor. Direct bolt-on for all Mazda RX-7's rotary engines. (pick your car / engine from the menu) Our RX-7 oil feed kits are top of the line! The Teflon coated core will insure a long life & superior oil resistance. Kit Includes Everything needed::: -4 SS line with ends, restrictor flange, gasket, mounting bolts & all required fittings. Allows you to utilize the stock turbo oil feed port in the front housing & even uses the stock bolt & copper washers. A very clean, leak free fit at any pressure you throw at it. Because a restrictor is included, there's no need to worry about damaging the seals in your Garrett GT Turbo, while still providing it with all the oil it needs. Replaces the whole stock line, quickly and easily.

Works With the following Garrett Turbochargers:
GT3788R, GT40R, GT4088R, GT4094R, GT42R, GT4294R, GT4202R, GT45R, GT47R, etc.

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