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Power Enterprise Super Strong Timing belt -WRX

Price :
  • Manufactured by: Perrin Performance


Maintain perfect valve timing 4 time or longer over the stock belt with non- stretch Kevlar based timing belt. When the timing belt stretches, the most critical mechanism of the power source, the valve timing or often called cam timing, goes out of line, resulted in the loss of significant amount of power and torque.

Today, many world-class engine tuners rely on the PE Super Strong Belt to prevent snapping off a stock timing belt during hard acceleration on hi-powered engines. The best protection you can buy with small investment for all stock and hi-powered engines. Provides 4 times durability and strength over the stock timing belts. Nearly 100% of race teams and tuner shops in Japan use the PE Super Strong Timing belt for the Drag and Track races. Fits Subaru WRX 02+


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I called and placed my order over the phone. I had a bunch of questions and the lady was kind and very helpful. She made sure I got all the right......

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You guys are an example to every Shop! MANY THANKS for all your help! - Kenneth B of Mosta, Malta...