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EBC GreenStuff Brake Pads Front 4 Piston 86-91 Mazda FC RX7


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  • Model: DP2763
  • Manufactured by: EBC

EBC Green Stuff Brake Pads, Front set (both left & right side) for 1986-1991 Mazda FC3S RX-7 w/ 5 Lug & 4 Piston Calipers.

Brand: EBC
Model: GreenStuff
Position: Front, Includes Left & Right side
Quantity: Matching set, x4 pads total
Fits Caliper: Front (4 Piston w/ 5 Lug)
Brake Pad Material: Organic
Brake Pad Construction: Integrally molded with shims
Application: All 1986-1991 N/A & TurboII Mazda FC RX-7 (S4 & S5)
In Stock?: Yes. This item is normally in stock and ships within 1-72 hours.

EBC Greenstuff 2000 series pads are designed for premium street driving and better brake effect at loads and speed. They have a high initial brake effect and give drivers confidence from the first application of the brake pedal. There is no such thing as a no-dust pad. The very nature of how a brake works requires that some dust be generated to avoid rotor vibration (shimmying). EBC Greenstuff 2000 passenger car pads create less dust, and the dust is more easily washed off than with most other brake pads. All pads create more dust as they are bedding in, especially if the rotors are worn.

Organic, non-asbestos material
Fast/heavy street use
Effective to above 650 degrees C
Award-winning formulation for noticeable brake improvements

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