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#92 FD V3 ALPHA 93-95 Mazda RX-7 GT42RS/GTX42RS Single Turbo Kit

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  • Model: V3-ALPHA-GT42RS
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing

The FD V3 ALPHA line of turbos kits are available in several different turbochargers. The main difference in the each kit is the turbo itself. (along w/ related install parts) Each kit has a 1-5 star rating to indicate how quickly the turbo spools in relation to the amount of HP it produces. Ball bearing turbos cost more but of course spool faster. Journal bearing units spool a bit slower but are more cost effective. The HP numbers are provided to give you an idea of what you can expect to produce at 10-15 psi. Variables such as tuning, can yield different results from each engine. A pro tune is always recommended for maximum output.

- HR FD V3 Alpha GT42RS/GT4202R, GTX42RS/GTX4202R Kit (102mm Comp Exd)
- HP: 385-500 @ 10- 16 psi
- Response/Spool: *****
- :::Note::: The 42RS Alpha kit is also available in the X (GTX-R) turbo upgrade. This turns the turbo in the GTX4202R, utilizing the Garrett Fully Machined, Forged, Billet, lightweight compressor wheel. The main advantage to the X upgrade is blindingly quick response due to reduced rotating mass & higher available pressure ratios. Select GTX-R option only when high (28+) boost is needed.

Check Out the installed pictures of the HR FD V3 ALPHA Turbo Kit

Himni Racing V3 ALPHA GT42RS (GT4202R), GTX42RS (GTX4202R) dual ball bearing direct bolt on single turbo upgrade/conversion kit for the 93-95 Mazda RX-7 FD3S. (Fits 13B-REW & 13B-RE Cosmo engines in FD body) The V3 Alpha is hands down the very best hand made aftermarket GT42RS, GTX42RS turbo kit available for the FD RX-7 to date. Packed with loads of features & configuration options with quality & craftsmanship being second to none. Peak performance, long term reliability & precise fitment are guaranteed. Dyno, street & track tested with countless hours of R&D & well over a decade of rotary & turbo experience. Utilizing only the best materials & parts from the US & Japan, built in house by HR master metal fabricators. The HR FD V3 ALPHA line of turbo kits incorporates many 1st of its kind features & with an emphasis on quality, reliability, ease of install, maximum performance output & heat reduction. The criteria being that they are the very best kit on the market for the FD3S RX-7, in all aspects. A flexible design & layout allows each kit to be easily upgraded to a different/larger turbo if your needs change over time. Each kit uses only genuine Garrett & BorgWarner Turbos & Tial wastegates.

The exhaust manifold, downpipe & all metal parts come with a lifetime warranty for as long as you own it. If your manifold or downpipe ever cracks, breaks, warps, etc, we'll repair or replace it for FREE, guaranteed!

Direct bolt on, each kit includes everything needed to install it & comes with:
- Garrett GT42RS or GTX42RS dual ball bearing, T4 Divided twin-scroll Turbocharger (Ported & polished housing available)
- Twin TiAL 38mm MVS External wastegates. (select your color from menu)
- Himni Racing V3 ALPHA SS Divided Tubular T4 Manifold w/ Heat shield & optional EGT bungs
- Himni Racing V3 Extra Large SS 4.00” Mandrel Bent V-band Downpipe
- Himni Racing 5" High-flow filter
- Garrett SS Turbine housing heat shield
- All V-band, T-bolt & standard clamps
- All CNC & handmade flanges, adapters, lines, hoses, fittings, gaskets, nuts, bolts, studs, hardware & related installation parts.
- FREE rotor decals

Turbo Info (GT42R / GTX42R):
- Authentic Garrett GT4202R Or GTX4202R, dual BB Turbo w/ T4 divided (Twin Scroll) 4" V-band downpipe outlet, 1.00 & 1.15 A/R, 102mm Major.
- Machined, Lightweight, Forged Billet Compressor wheel (GTX only)
- Compressor Housing (Cold side): 5.00" air inlet & 3.50" outlet
- Ported Anti-surge Standard: Yes
- Polished Housing option available: Yes
- Extreme load Ball Bearing
- Oil & Water Cooled, comes with manufactures warranty

HR V3 Alpha Turbo Exhaust Manifold Info:
At the heart of the system, the HR V3 Alpha high mount T4 manifold is Himni Racing's exclusive design. Over 2 years of development, the entire manifold is constructed of solid 304 Stainless Steel, CAD designed & hand made exclusively by Himni Racing in the USA. Longer runner & large bore tube design maximizes mid-range & top end HP. A fully divided & tuned, mandrel bent tubular manifold that optimizes turbo response, efficacy & HP. HR rainbow TIG welded, smooth ported for max flow with integrated SS heat shield that lowers temps for increased detonation resistance & more HP. 1/2" thick flanges that will not warp or crack. Optimum & aggressive turbo placement, the V3 Alpha TRUE top mount turbo placement keeps the turbos heat off the intake manifold thus lowering intake temps even more. High flow twin wastegate runners achieves perfect balance & a truly divided design. The best FD manifold on the market, each employs the HR ECS (Extreme Collar System) for the ultimate in high heat durability & superior to flange-flange rod supports. Includes mounting studs & premium copper clad nuts as seen in the photos. Made in USA using only US raw materials.
Lifetime warranty for as long as you own it. If it ever breaks, bends, cracks, warps, etc, we will repair or replace it for FREE, guaranteed!

HR Extra Large 4.00” V3 Alpha SS V-band downpipe Info:
Each Himni Racing FD V3 downpipe is hand made of solid of 304 stainless steel & features V-band mounting flanges, smooth mandrel bent tubing with the very minimal degree of bends for maximum flow. Very strong yet lightweight. All TIG welded & designed exclusively for use with the V3 Alpha manifold . The increased flow & decreased back pressure allows the HR V3 Alpha exhaust manifold to operate at its peak for the ultimate in turbo response. Made in USA using only US raw materials.
Lifetime warranty for as long as you own it. If it ever breaks, bends, cracks, warps, etc, we will repair or replace it for FREE, guaranteed!!

Wastegate Info:
Twin TiAL 38mm MVS v-band external wastegates w/ matching 304 SS dump tubes. Outstanding boost control. A beautiful layout that provides precise boost pressure throughout the rev rang for a total of 76mm of boost control. The name TiAL says it all.
Select wastegate color for menu

How difficult is the FD V3 Alpha kit to install?
Installation is relatively simple, very straight forward & is installed in about 2-4 hours accounting for removal of the stock parts. All the lines arrive preassembled with their fittings, adapters, etc. already attached. Mounting bolts, nuts & studs are either already installed or slid through their component & tied into their location on the part. No piles of hardware that require detective work. Only basic hand tools are needed for installation.
What are the warranty details?
The exhaust manifold, downpipe & other small metal parts are covered for as long as you own it. In the unlikely event that they ever crack or break, we'll repair or replace it for free. Just send us an email & we'll take care of it. The turbo comes with Garrett's 1 year warranty, the wastegate comes with Tial's warranty.
Should I use exhaust wrap?
On the manifold, it's not recommended. Ceramic coating is more effective at reducing heat & is less brutal on the part. On the downpipe, wrap away if you like, though again, ceramic coat is better.
Each kit comes with lifetime customer service & tech support for as long as you own it!
Is the FD V3 kits available with the wastegate plumbed back to the downpipe, rather than open wastegate?
Yes. The kit comes with SS tubes that routs the wastegate dump under the car by default. This is the layout that's preferred by most. But it's also available with the wastegated exhaust rerouted back to the downpipe for no extra cost. Just leave a note during checkout requesting it to be rerouted to the D/P & we'll take care of it.
Do I need to upgrade my fueling?
The stock fuel system will only supply enough fuel for about 6-7 psi, depending on the HR FD V3 kit you select. Fuel upgrades are recommended for boost levels above 6 psi. The V3 kits flow A LOT more air then the OEM turbo & require more fuel.
What fuel upgrades should I do for boost pressures above 6 psi?
This is a in depth question with lots of different options ranging from mild to all out, depending on how much boost you want to run & what type of budget you have. Generally speaking, common upgrades include larger fuel injectors & fuel pump, adjustable fuel pressure regulator, piggy back fuel controller or even a stand-alone EMS. If you are unsure what's best for your needs, just send us an email at himniracing@digital.net
Are the HR V3 kits used with the stock air pump?
No, the OE air pump needs to be removed. This is a popular upgrade for all FD RX-7‘s & we recommend the Pineapple racing FD air pump removal/ idler pulley kit. Contact us for details & discount pricing.

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