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Boost Exhaust Cut-Out - Full-ASSEMBLY (OUT OF STOCK)

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This item is OUT OF STOCK & ON BACKORDER with no ETA available. A Wide Open exhaust that's boost activated!! Great for stock or performance exhaust systems.

Pick the pipe diameter form above, that best suits your exhaust. Can be clamped or welded into place.

This boost activated exhaust cut-out completely bypasses, on demand, the restrictive exhaust system only when boost is present. As soon as a turbocharger or supercharger spools, the cut-out valve automatically begins to open. By the time the turbo or supercharger makes full boost, the valve is fully open. The exhaust flow dumps out the side of the cut-out valve, relieving all the unwanted exhaust system restriction & back pressure to allow the engine to make it's maximum horse power. As soon as you lift off the gas or drop the boost pressure, the cut-out valve closes again & the pressure flows through the exhaust system as usual.

Totally quiet and stock-like sounding during startup, idle, cruising, stopping, etc.
No delay in valve response, yet very smooth transition into boost/open mode.
Automatic opening & closing, using existing boost source on a turbo engine and does not rely on nuts or electrical motors.
You can integrate a boost controller to control when the valve opens or completely turn it off.
Takes care of virtually all complaints associated with large 3” cat-back exhaust systems.

Note: Very EZ installation... Mounts inline of the exhaust system & can be clamped or welded into place. A vacuum hose runs from a boost reference source (i.e. the turbo or supercharger it's self, a intake manifold nipple, intercooler tubing, etc.) directly to the cut-out valve.


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Oh my goodness! Fastest shipping I have ever experienced from the US! Many thanks - James S. Ontario, Canada...

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You guys are an example to every Shop! MANY THANKS for all your help! - Kenneth B of Mosta, Malta...