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Itsu 2.25" Hump Silicone Coupler Connector

Price :

  • Manufactured by: Itsu Motorsports


Itsu Motorsports 2.25" ID X 3.00" Long. High heat, high quality, mutable ply, fiber reinforced silicone hump connecter / coupler for intercooler pipe connections & intakes. Smooth glossy finish. Pick Red, Blue or Black.

Silicone hump hose allows for expansion and movement between pipes. These couplers allow flex in order to reduce the chances of pulling connections loose and applying less stress on the rest of the piping. They also allow for slight misalignment between pipes.


Customer Testimonials

Genuine Brands

I ordered a Tial blow off valve and it was at my door in only 3 days! The serial number checked out with TiAl as authentic. No one else had the color......

Already in my hands!

Oh my goodness! Fastest shipping I have ever experienced from the US! Many thanks - James S. Ontario, Canada...