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Perrin Short Throw Shifter Kit - Subaru WRX

Price :
  • Model: PSP-INR-200
  • Manufactured by: Perrin Performance


The first adjustable short shifter adapter on the market! The PERRIN short shifter fits all Subaru Impreza models 2002 and newer. The PERRIN short shifter retains the original shifter lever with it's anti vibration shaft. The original shifter has a rubber vibration damper inside of the rod to give you a comfortable shift. Other shifters replace the entire shifter rod. These are prone to annoying rattles and vibrations which come from the solid shifter rod. The PERRIN shifter adapting to the stock shifter rod guarantees a rattle and vibration free install as well as the flexibility of adjustment. Simple one bolt adjustment allows you to easily adjust the shifter throw easy to. Easy to follow illustrated instructions shows you how to install your short shifter in only 15 min.


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