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STOCK FC Turbo SS Oil feed Line Kit - Mazda RX-7

Price :

  • Model: HR-FEED-003
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Himni Racing SS oil feed line kit for use with STOCK FC 87-91 Mazda RX-7 Turbo II Turbocharger

Other kits available for the following turbo configurations are also found in our catalog. Applications for:
- T Series TurboChargers
- Mid Sized Garrett GT Series TurboChargers (GT25R-GT35R)
- Large Garrett GT Series TurboChargers (GT40R-up)

NOTE, pick engine type from menu. We have kits available for the following engines:
Mazda 13BT Turbo II (87-92)
Mazda 13B-REW (93-99)
Mazda 13B-RE (2 rotor Cosmo)
Mazda 20B (3 rotor Cosmo)

The Himni Racing Stainless Steel Braided 'Stock FC Turbo' Mazda RX-7, Turbo Oil Feed Line Kit is for use with the OEM turbo found on the 87-92 Mazda FC RX-7. Direct bolt-on (pick the engine being used from the menu) Our RX-7 oil feed kits are top of the line with a Teflon coated core that insures a long life & superior oil resistance. Kit Includes Everything needed::: -4 SS line with ends, Inlet Flange, gasket, bolts & all required fittings. Allows you to utilize the stock turbo oil feed port in the front housing & even uses the stock bolt & copper washers. A very clean, leak free fit at any pressure you throw at it. Replaces the whole stock line, quickly and easily.


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