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Itsu 3.50" Straight Silicone Hose - 3 Foot Long

Price :

  • Model: 295
  • Manufactured by: Itsu Motorsports


Itsu Motorsports 3.50" ID Straight Silicone Hose is 3 foot long. (1 yard) High heat, high quality, 4 ply, fiber reinforced silicone coupler for intercooler pipe connections, intakes, etc. Allows you to cut couplers to your own required length. Standard couplers lengths are normally 3" long. This stick would allow up to 12 couplers @ 3" long each.

All hose sizes are measured by inside diameter, 2" ID hose fits 2" OD tubing for example.


Customer Testimonials

Fast From The US

very fast shipping for international!!!! thank you & i will be back for more soon. -Michael E. Rattelsdorf, Germany...


I called and placed my order over the phone. I had a bunch of questions and the lady was kind and very helpful. She made sure I got all the right......