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AMS Front Mount Intercooler Upgrade - EVO

Price :
  • Model: A101
  • Manufactured by: AMS


Just like with exhaust, it is important to free up intake restrictions toallow as much air into the engine as possible for making peak power levels. Thefactory front mount intercooler works well, but like anything "stock",it becomes a restriction as modification levels increase and will keep yourEvolution from producing maximum power.

This upgraded cores measures 20" x 12.4" x 3.625" and theoverall length, including end tanks, is 28". The core is bar and plate design and flows a massive 1250+ CFM with a miniscule 1psi of pressuredrop.

With more than 80% increased internal volume than the stock FMIC,intake flow capabilities and potential power levels are dramatically increased.In fact, a 20 horsepower or more gain or can be realized simply by bolting it on in place of your stock FMIC.

This FMIC is as large as you can fit in your Evo without major surgery. Thebumper can be retained if you wish, but you will need to remove, or at least cut the splash guard to allow for the added height of the core to come through.


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