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Garrett GT Intercooler 24"x10.5"x3" - 600HP

Price :
  • Model: I12T003
  • Manufactured by: Garrett Advancing Motion


Garrett Intercoolers - Cooler by Design

This intercooler is good for over 600 HP. Garrett bar & plate high density GT series Intercooler. Comes with 2.5" round inlet & outlet w/ intergraded no-slip-lip. Extreme strength to weight ratio & advanced core design. These are the very most maximized efficiency air to air intercoolers on the market today. Utilizing precision TIG welding, solid aluminum construction. We have seen a 36 HP increase using the Garrett high density GT series I/C compared to the cheap "bar & plate" intercoolers found on many auction sites. The test car yielded a reduction in turbo response time by 200 RPM.

HP: 600 +
2.5" Inlet & Outlet
Overall Size: 24" Wide x 10.5" high x 3" Thick (24"x10.5"x3")
Core Size: 18" wide x 10.5" high x 3" thick

Not all intercoolers are created equal.
The Garrett intercoolers have a deep heritage with many premier names in the performance industry such as Roush, Saleen, Mercedes-Benz AMG, Ford SVT, McLaren & others. Each have turned to Garrett to intercool their best cars.

Garrett now offers their full range of intercoolers to the average enthusiast & top shops alike. From air-to-air cores sized for tightly-packed import cars to air-to-water cores capable of supporting 1000+ hp. A Garrett I/C provides optimum performance for nearly any application. Superior fatigue protection for the high boost pressures and temperatures of today's extreme engines. They're constructed of high strength brazen aluminum alloys with advanced designs to ensure greater heat transfer effectiveness and durability.


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