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Himni 3" To 4" Stainless Steel V-Band Downpipe - 86-92 RX-7

Price :
Starting at: $260.00

  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Note: Picture shows our 3" downpipe but gives you an idea of what the 4" downpipe looks like.

Fits V-band downpipe turbos using the 86-92 HKS Cast / log turbo exhaust manifold or HKS "Style" manifolds for the 86-92 FC RX-7. Not intended for use with any other manifold.

Now you can run a 4.00" downpipe on a turbo made for a 3.00"!! This is the Himni Racing 4.00" 304 stainless steel, mandrel bent, race downpipe for the 86-92 FC3S Mazda RX-7 (13BT rotary engine) It has a 3.00" v-band turbo connection (Inlet) for use with turbos that have a 3" v-band exhaust housing. It then transations to a full 4" diameter pipe. It's designed for perfect fitment with the HKS cast/log type exhaust manifold & works with all types of external wastegates. (HKS, Tial, etc) Each one is crafted of solid of 304 stainless steel & features V-band mounting (turbo side) & your choice of flange on the exhaust side. Smooth mandrel bent tubing with the very minimal degree of bends for maximum flow. Very strong but lightweight with nice clean fitment.

Available with or without Stainless steel 18mm o2 sensor bung with that works with the stock or a wideband o2 sensors. (no extra cost)

You pick the exhaust side mounting that best suits your needs.
Options are:
#1 3" Diameter No flange left open (use with 3" exhaust)
#2 4" Diameter No flange left open (use with 4" exhaust)
#3 3" V-band (for use with 3" exhaust)
#4 4" V-band (for use with 4" exhaust)
#5 3" GT 4_bolt. (for use with 3" exhaust)
Select option from Menu

Your pick of #1 WITH or #2 WITHOUT flex bellow section.
#1: WithOut the SS flex bellow is suitable for most applications. It allows for the smoothest unrestricted flow & lightest weight. A very good choice.
#2: With the SS flex bellow option, it relieves the stress put on the turbo, exhaust manifold, exhaust system, etc. when the engine moves in the bay due to hard launching & normal driving. It "eats" the shock & reduces part stress. Also allows for easier realignment when the downpipe is removed, then reinstalled. The flex bellow option is usually not necessary when using the Himni Racing solid Aluminum or Polyurethane motor mounts, as the mounts stop the engine movement.
Select option from menu.

Features & includes:
- Works on 86-92 Mazda RX-7 with HKS cast style manifold.
- 4.00" diameter Smooth Mandrel Bent, stainless steel, Straight through race design.
- Your pick of with or without 18mm stainless steel o2 sensor bung.
- Your pick of with or without SS flex bellow
- Your pick of exhaust side mounting flange
- 3 Inch V-band mounting, turbo side (fits 3" V-band turbos)
- Made to order.

Note: This unit is intended for custom exhausts systems & is for off road & race use only


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