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2.5" Straight V-Band Pipe - Stainless Steel Tube

Price :
Starting at: $79.90

  • Model: P15P005
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Made in the USA. Himni Racing high quality 2.5" diameter straight Stainless Steel v-band pipe/tube. Pro rainbow TIG welded 2.5" V-band flanges on each end. Ideal for replacing out CATS & used as a "test pipe" or as an extension between two pipes, etc. . Also good for custom downpipes, up-pipes & exhaust systems. This item is normally in stock & ships within 1-72 hours.

- Brand: HIMN'I Racing
- Design: 2.5 inch Straight V-Band Extension pipe.

- Tube Side #1:
- 2.5" V-Band With 3"(76.2mm) Outer Diameter flat face sealing surface.

- Tube Side #2:
- 2.5" V-Band With 3"(76.2mm) Outer Diameter flat face sealing surface.

- Overall Length: (from v-band sealing face to v-band sealing face)
14" is Default. Available from 2"-24" long. Can be made to your exact length for no extra cost. (IE 12.5" long, 10.25" long, etc)

- Material Type: 304 USA made Stainless Steel
- Finish: Excellent, Raw, Smooth surface for proper sealing
- Rust & corrosion resistant.
- Durable & light weight
- 304 16 gauge tubing wall thickness
- Made In: United States (USA)
- Includes HR Exclusive 1 Year Warranty. Covers materials and craftsmanship to be free of any defects.

HR V-Band Flanges & Piping are of the highest quality on the market today. Found on top race cars around the world, each vband mounting flange is precisely machined in the USA from raw USA billet stock to insure a perfect fit and leak-free seal. HR V-Flanges are designed to exceed requirements in the most demanding conditions including severe race, high heat & extreme stress applications. A huge verity of designs & sizes are available ranging from 1.50"-5.00". Made to industry fitment standards & torture tested with no warping, braking or loosing their seal.

Don't be fooled into a cheap, low quietly anything. Even something as simple as a flange or adapter are not all created equal. Side effects of a low quality flange are incorrect fitment, sloppy fit, doesn't fit, leaking, wrapping, stripping, cracking, rusting SS, barbs, rough textured finish, "plastic-ish" metal, difficult to weld, cracking welds, etc. Use an HR flange and tubes to insure the very highest of quality.


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