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Garrett GT3071R Turbo Kit - WRX / STi - External Wastegate

Price :
  • Model: Garrett-SUB-007
  • Manufactured by: Garrett Advancing Motion


External wastegate kit for superior boost control. Direct bolt on to the WRX/ STi turbo stock location & exhaust manifold. 1-2 hour install... 450 HP - dyno proven. This complete kit includes everything needed.

The genuine Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT3071R is the fastest spooling and most responsive 450+HP capable turbo on the planet & is now available in a drop-in package for the Subaru WRX/STI! The easy to install turbo assembly that takes only takes 1-2 hours to install. Replaces the small, stock journal bearing VFXX turbo. This is made possible by the special high flowing GT inspired exhaust housing and custom engineered components built to suit the installation.

Each GT drop-in turbo package consists of a Garrett factory assembled and high speed balanced dual ball bearing turbo cartridge which is then assembled into a set of CNC machine ported housings that have been optimized in every aspect for maximum flow and efficiency.

Kit Includes
Genuine Garrett GT3071R with specially made & machined high flow housings.
Wastegate actuator & mounting bracket
All needed oil & water lines, fittings, mounting hardware & connectors, etc.
Turbo comes with a 1 year factory warranty.
Everything has been designed to properly and seamlessly graph the Garrett GT turbo to the EJ engine so that the fit is as OE as possible.
Tial 44mm wastegate & dump tube sold separately.

Just bolt the turbo on, add fueling, A Tial 44mm wastegate & dump tube, then prepare for a blast of acceleration. Garrett GT turbos offer more then just "peak HP" numbers. These genuine Garrett GT turbos off more torque area under the curve and more "accessible" power then any other turbos series out there.

The Garrett GT3071R is a great match on the 2.5L, especially if you're looking for boost threshold that is close to stock but want enough airflow for 450+HP. Almost all the boost is available all the time even at part to medium throttle. Boost recovery between gearshifts is awesome with full boost ready even before upshift is complete. resulting in the STI lurching forward with shear enthusiasm. The 2.0L driver should not rule out the use GT3071R if his HP target is in the same range. The modern generation wheels, coupled with an awesome wheel ratio, allows even the smaller displacement engine to provide adequate motivation to get the GT3071R going for an great powerband. The competition grade turbo still offers the best response and spool time out of any unit in this flow range.

Note::: You need to buy the Tial 44mm external wastegate & dump tube to complete the kit. Both items are available on our site.


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