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T3 GT 4 Bolt Exhaust Downpipe Discharge Gasket - 2.50"

Price :
  • Model: HRGA012
  • Manufactured by: Garrett


Stainless Steel T3/GT 2.50" 4 Bolt downpipe discharge gasket. For use between the turbocharger turbine exist/outlet & the exhaust down pipe. High quality USA made, reusable design does not require a new gasket each time the mating surfaces are separated.

Fits all turbos with the smaller 2.50" T3/GT 4-Bolt turbine exist/discharge .
T3, T31, T3/T4, T3/T4E, T3/T04E, T3/60-1, T3/T04S, GT2560R, GT28, GT28R, GT28RS, GT2860RS, GT2871R, GT2876R, GTX2860R, GTX2863R, GTX2867R, GT3071, GT3071R, GTX3071R, GT30, GT30R, GT3076R, GTX3076R, GT3040, GT3040R, GT3082R, GTX3576R, GT35, GT35R, GT3582R, GTX35, GTX35R, GTX3582R

Material: Stainless Steel
Reusable?: Yes
Seal Type: Extreme heat rolled-lip
Bolt Spacing: See Picture

Note:: There are two different sizes of GT 4 Bolt turbine/exhaust housings. The smaller 2 1/2 inch (for 2.50" downpipes) and the larger 3 inch. (for 3.00" downpipes) This gasket is for the smaller of the two. See part number: HRGA018 in our cataloger for the 3.00" version.


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