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Borg Warner Air Werks S400SX4-75 / S475 Turbo (T6 74mm)

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  • Model: 176806, 177101
  • Manufactured by: BorgWarner AirWerks


This turbo is the S400SX4-75 with the smaller 74mm turbine wheel & with more turbine housing sizes available.

"Flow capabilities ranging from 500 to 1050 HP. Genuine Air Werks by Borg Warner, S400SX4 turbo charger with 75mm compressor wheel inducer & 74mm turbine wheel. "aka S475 (T6) S400SX3-75, S475SX & S475-SX3" This turbo utilizes the BorgWarner / AirWerks "S" generation compressor wheel with Extended Tip Technology for the ultimate in aerodynamics, low RPM spool-up & high RPM horsepower output.

::Compressor:: (cold side) Over 98 lb/min
- Wheel: 75mm Inducer / 100.8mm Exducer w/ Extended Tip Technology <
- Housing: (select from menu)
#1. 5.00" ported anti-surge air inlet / V-band flange charge pipe outlet.
#2 Large High Flow Race Cover w/ 5.50" air inlet/ 3" slip-on charge pipe outlet with ballistic attenuator. (has tapered funnel/velocity stack fitted on the inside of the air inlet)

::Turbine:: (hot side)
- Wheel: 83.5mm Inducer / 74mm Exducer (Made of Inconel 713 for high-temperature operation)
- Housing: Large T6 inlet/ 5.00" V-band flange downpipe discharge
- A/R: 1.10 (default) Also available with .90, 1.00 & 1.25 A/R (select from menu)

::Center Section::
- Oil Cooled
- Severe-Duty Journal Bearing System (rebuildable platform with service kit found on our site)

Note:: ALL of our BorgWarner & AirWerks turbochargers come Fully Balanced from the factory & have the Manufacturers 1 year (12 month) Warranty. These turbos are NOT the lower quality third party turbos that have been re-badged / re-named. They are 100% authentic BorgWarner / AirWerks turbos true & through.

The BorgWarner AirWerks S Series turbos aren't to be confused with the old T series turbos. These AirWerks units are carefully developed turbos for high performance applications. They are 20+ years more advanced than T turbos & are found on many of the top high performance street & race cars world wide. Direct-Fit interchange compatibility with T series turbos, the S series turbos spool much faster & yield more HP. Extremely durable, reliable, cost effective with superior performance & made in USA.

Extended Tip Technology (ETT)
Select BorgWarner AirWerks turbos employ BorgWarner "S" generation compressor wheels that incorporate extended tip technology. This compressor wheel design feature promotes greater airflow using low inertia wheel that performs like a wheel of greater size & mass. Extended tip technology enables the user to have faster spool-up at lower engine speeds, while providing the boost for the powerful top-end performance that turbocharger enthusiasts have come to desire."


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