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Garrett GT3071R-WG Ball Bearing Turbo - 90 Trim (460 HP)

Price :
Starting at: $1,089.00

Polished Comp Housing Upgrade?

Exhaust / Turbine Housing Type

  • Model: 700382-5020S, 700382-0020, 70038
  • Manufactured by: Garrett Advancing Motion


This turbo (GT3071R-WG 90 Trim) the second of 3 Garrett GT3071R variants found on our site. This turbo (#2) & #1 use a smaller 56.5mm turbine wheel & comes with T25 internal wastegate housings only. They are:
#1 GT3071R-WG 84 trim (Uses a 56.5mm turbine wheel, 84 Trim, T25 housing, Internal wastegate only)
#2 GT3071R-WG 90 trim (Uses a 56.5mm turbine wheel, 90 Trim, T25 housing, Internal wastegate only)
#3 GT3071R (Uses a Larger 60mm wheel, Many turbine housings

This turbo is capable of 460 HP. Brand new Garrett GT3071R-WG 90 trim dual ball bearing turbo charger. Comes with T25 .86 A/R turbine housing with internal wastegate & 90 Trim Turbine wheel.

This turbo stems from same turbo as the high flowing, larger framed GT3071R, but packaged into the same type of turbine housing as the popular GT28RS & GT2871R turbos. The turbo is configured with its own turbo wheel trim, turbine A/R, and compressor housing. Unlike, the GT28RS and GT2871R, this turbo now has a larger compressor housing to support the much higher flowing 71mm compressor wheel.

Note:: ALL of our Garrett GT turbochargers come Fully Balanced from the factory & have the Manufacturers Warranty.

The turbo part number change based on the turbine & compressor housing selected, CHRA numbers only, etc. The following Garrett P/N's applies to this turbo.

The Garrett GT series line up is much more efficient then the old "T" technology & provides spool-up 1000's of RPMs quicker. The GT series turbos are stronger, more reliable, have less shaft movement, better flow dynamics, less lag....the list goes on. Simply put, GT blows T away!!

- Wheel: 71mm w/ 56 trim
- Housing A/R: .50 a/r
- Housing Style: Large 4" inlet
- Polished Housing Available: Select Above

Turbine / Exhaust:
- Wheel: 56.5mm w/ 90 trim
- Housing A/R: .86 A/R
- Turbine Housing Style: T25 style w/ internal wastegate. (actuator sold separately )

Center Section:
- Dual Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
- Oil & Water Cooled


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