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Garrett T3/T04E Stage III Turbo 50 Trim 450 HP

Price :
Starting at: $759.00

Ported Anti-Surge Comp Housing?

Exhaust / Turbine Housing Type

  • Model: GAR-STAGEIII-060
  • Manufactured by: Garrett Advancing Motion


This turbo is rated at 450 HP. Garrett T3/T04E hybrid turbo. This is a very versatile turbocharger & uses a 50 Trim compressor wheel & Stage III (76 trim) turbine wheel. Great turbo for smaller engines. Your pick of turbine/exhaust housings that best suits your manifold & downpipe.

- Compressor Wheel: T04E 50 trim
- Compressor Housing: T04E
- Ported Comp Housing Available?: Yes

- Turbine Wheel: T3 Stage III
- Turbine Housing Option #1: T3 undivided w/ 4 Bolt discharge (.48 A/R Only)
- Turbine Housing Option #2: T3 undivided w/ 5 Bolt downpipe discharge(.63 & .82 A/R)
- Turbine Housing Option #3: T3 divided w/ 3" V-band discharge (.78 A/R Only)
- Turbine Housing Option #4: T25 Special, .72 A/R Only (Use Tial 44mm wastegate)

Center Section:
- Oil cooled (no water lines needed)
- Rebuildable Journal Bearing

Note:: ALL of our Garrett turbochargers come Fully Balanced from the factory & have the Manufacturers Warranty.


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Great customer

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