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T3 5 Bolt Turbine Housing - GT28RS - GT35R

Price :

  • Model: H15G004


Replacment exhaust / turbine housing.

This is a T3 inlet (exhaust manifold side) with 5 Bolt (ford style) exit (downpipe side) turbine / exhaust housing for the Garrett turbos listed below. This housing can be used with internal or external wastegate. Direct bolt on & replaces / upgrades your existing housing. Your pick of A/R

Select the turbo it's for from the menu. Options include:
GT28RS, GT2871R, GT3071R, GT30R (GT3076R), GT35R (GT3582R)

Installing & replacing your turbine housing is very simple. Once the turbo is removed from the car, the new housing is installed by simply removing the (6) 1/2" mounting bolts holding the turbine housing to the center cartridge. The old housing then slips right off & the new housing goes back on in the reverse order. Some applications do not require that the whole turbo even be removed from the car depending on available space & leverage. This is a 1 out of 10 in difficulty.

Turbine housings are often changed or replaced for various reasons such as:
- To allow the turbo to be used with a new application, exhaust manifold or downpipe.
- To obtain a more desirable A/R size for your application.


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