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Himni 1.75" 45 Degree Pipe Dump Tube - Stainless Steel

Price :
  • Model: HR-45-175
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Stainless steel, smooth mandrel bend, 1.75" diameter wastegate dump tube. (45 degree elbow) This item allows you to rout the OUTLET of your wastegate to any given area. (back into the exhaust, to open air, etc.) Made in the USA using only USA manufactured tubing. Guaranteed Superior strength & durability compared to other so called "304 SS" tubing on the market today. Perfect for fluids & gases including waste gate outlet/inlet plumbing, upgrading radiator hoses to metal, etc.

Made In USA
Diameter: 1.75" inch O.D.
Bend Degree: 45
Gauge: 16
Leg Length: 6 Inch
Bend Type: Smooth mandrel


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