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GT Oil Feed Fitting w/ Restrictor : -3 an GT BB Turbos

Price :
  • Model: F12L036


Custom machined Oil inlet / feed fitting for Garrett GT Ball Bearing Turbos. Screws right into the turbos listed below & works with any -3 AN line. Has a built-in oil restrictor to supply the GT turbos the amount of oil they need while keeping your oil pressure up. Too much oil feed can blow the turbo's seals. **Also for use on the Garrett T ball bearing turbos**

Note:: The use of this fitting / restrictor is highly recommended. The Garrett GT series turbos do not require as much oil to be fed to the bearings, compared to the old T Series turbos.

The benefits of use include:
Protects the turbo's seals from excessive oil feed.
No more oil pressure drop. (allows your engine to maintain a higher oil pressure)
A simple & secure way to attach a standard -4 AN oil feed line.

Fits the turbos below:
GT28R, GT28RS, GT2871R, GT2876R / GT25/40R, GT30R, GT3071R, GT3076R, GT3040R, GT35R & More.


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