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T3 T3/T4 Internal Wastegate w/ Actuator 5 Bolt To 3 Bolt

Price :

  • Model: WGT-007
  • Manufactured by: Made In USA


Complete internal wastegate assembly as shown in the picture above. It includes the internal wastegate housing with pre-assembled swing valve, adjustable , and a machined mounting bracket for the actuator.

Made in the USA & Fits all Turbochargers With T3 5-bolt (ford style) Turbine Housing. Your pick of 7 psi, 14 psi or 22 psi actuator.

Fits turbos such as:
T3, T3/T4, GT28RS, GT2871R, GT30R, GT3071R, GT3076R, GT25/40R, GT35R, etc.

This internal wastegate bolts to the turbo using the 5 mounting holes. The down pipe is attached to the wastegate assembly with the 3 mounting holes on the other side. Boost pressure is easily adjustable via the adjustable arm on the actuator. The included actuator mounting bracket allows for fitment to most turbos.

Comes Complete with:
---T3 5-bolt internal wastegate housing & Swing Valve
---Boost Adjustable actuator
---Mounting Bracket

3-bolt downpipe flanges to fit this internal wastegate are also available on our site.


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