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2B Himni SOLID COMP Motor Mounts - RACE ONLY Mazda RX-7 86-92

Price :
  • Model: FC-SOLID-COMP
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Old aluminum sold mounts are now obsolete & have been discontented. They have been replaced by the new Himni Racing 'SOLID Composite' Motor Mounts.. This new version is half the weight of the old aluminum mounts but just as strong. For full race applications or when vibrations aren't an issue.

Note:: These mounts for for outright race cars only & not recommended for any street use. If your car is producing 650 HP or less, we recommend the HR Polyurethane Mounts, also found in our catalog

Note:: Does Not require the purchases of any extra parts. Easy install & direct bolt on.
- Driving Situations: Race Cars Only (harsh feel)
- Engine Stability: Up to 1000+ HP (OEM mounts jump around at even 120 WHP)
- Vibrations to Chases & Driver: YES
- Life Time Warranty: Yes
- Less engine movement compared to MazdaSpeed competition mounts? Yes
- Fits: 86-91 Mazda FC3S RX-7 (Both N/A & Turbo II)
- Includes 2 SOLID COMP engine mounts & hardware.

Less then half the weight of Aluminum mounts... The Himni Racing SOLID COMP. motor mounts are made of a extremely durable composite materiel that allows them to be very strong at more then half the weight of conventional aluminum mounts. The HR Solid Comp. RX-7 motor mounts will completely stop ALL engine movement & will hold your engine in place at just about any amount of rotary HP you throw at them.

Each mount set is made to allow the engine to sit in the bay as it would with the stock mounts, so no other modifications are needed. The mounts provide a much more potent launch with increased torque & HP transmitted to the wheels & eliminated missed shifts. Each mount set comes with strong 8.8 grade metric mounting hardware, a decal & installation is very simple. They are easily installed in an average of an hour, without removing the engine. The HR mounts are the real deal & are found on high performance RX-7 race cars worldwide! Can be used on street cars but recommended for outright race use only. (our polyurethane mounts are better suited for street driving)

Comes With & Features:
- Made In The USA
- Himni Racing Solid Comp. Motor Mount Set (2 Mounts/Black)
- 8.8 Grade Metric Mounting Hardware
- Good for 1000+ WHP
- Made In House by the Pros @ HR
- Machined, Then Hand Tailored to Guarantee Perfect Fitment
- Easy 1 Hour Installation (engine & trans does NOT need to be removed)
- No Other Parts Required (Direct Bolt on)
- Eliminates the need for an engine torque brace.
- Extremely long life (capable of lasting a lifetime)
- Oil & Chemical Resistant
- FREE Rotor Decal
- Superior to new OEM, Aluminum & Mazdaspeed comp. mounts.


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