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T3 GT 5 Bolt Divorced Divided Downpipe Flange: 3.00"


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  • Model: R12S075
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing

Made In USA

HR T3 GT 5 bolt divorced downpipe exist/outlet flange. This flange is not for use with standard "Ford Style" 5 Bolt housings. It is the GT version & is only used with T3 GT 5 bolt turbine/exhaust housings that have a built in internal wastegate swing valve. 1/2" thick, beautifully machined, Stainless steel downpipe discharge flange with divided/divorced downpipe & wastegate ports. Allows the internal waste gate & downpipe to use separate pipes. (like a external wastegate) Provides a less restrictive flow path for the wastegate as it's no longer mixing with the downpipe flow. Just like a external wastegate, the wastegate pipe can dumped to open air (race use unly) or plumbed back into the exhaust.

Has a 3.00" downpipe recseed groove & 2.00" wastegate hole/groove. Can be used with our downpipe transitions to decrease/increases the downpipe size if needed. Fits many turbos using a T3 5 Bolt turbine housing WITH integrated internal waste gate swing valve. Not for use with housings that require a bolt on swing valve assembly.

- Brand: HIMN'I Racing
- Opening Size #1: 3.00" I.D. w/ recessed alignment lip/groove. For 3.00 inch O.D. tube/pipe/downpipe/exhaust
- Adapter Side #2: 2.00" I.D. (Waste Gate port)
- Bolt Spacing: See Image
- Bolt Hole size: For use with standard 8mm and 10mm bolts/studs or SAE equivalent
- Overall Thickness/Height: 1/2" inch (0.500") Resists Warping
- Material Type: 304 Stainless Steel
- Welding characteristics: Excellent
- Finish: Excellent, Raw, Smooth surface for proper sealing
- Manufactured Tolerances: 0.001
- Made In: United States (USA)
- Includes HR Exclusive 1 Year Warranty. Covers materials and craftsmanship to be free of any defects. Guaranteed to never crack, warp or otherwise fail.

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