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T4 / T04 Turbo/Manifold Inlet Flange - Undivided Stainless Steel

Price :
Starting at: $27.90

  • Model: R12S019, R12S057
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Made In The USA::

Your choice of Mild or 304 Stainless steel. HR T4 (T04) undivided turbo/manifold inlet flange/adapter/connector. Industry standard design, full 1/2" thick will not crack or warp under high heat, precision CNC machined in the US, threaded/tapped bolt holes, excellent finish, highest quality available. Perfect for building your own custom manifold, modifying a existing manifold, etc.

- Brand: HIMN'I Racing
- Bolt Spacing: See Image
- Bolt Hole size: 10mm X 1.50 thread pitch (proper course thread used for high heat applications prevents seizing)
- Material Thickness/Height: 1/2" inch (0.500") Resists Warping
- Material Type: Mild Carbon or Stainless Steel (select from menu)
- Welding characteristics: Excellent
- Finish: Excellent, Raw, Smooth surface for proper sealing
- Manufactured Tolerances: 0.001
- Made In: United States (USA)
- Includes HR Exclusive 1 Year Warranty. Covers materials and craftsmanship to be free of any defects. Guaranteed to never crack, warp or otherwise fail.

Works with any turbo using a T4 undivided turbine/exhaust housing, such as:
T4, T04, T04B, T04E, T04S, 60-1, T04R, T66, T67, T70, T04Z, GT3071, GT3071R, GTX3071R, GT30, GT30R, GTX3067R, GT3076R, GTX3076R, GT3040, GT3040R, GT3082R, GTX3576R, GT35, GT35R, GT3582R, GTX35, GTX35R, GTX3582R, GT3788R, GT40, GT4082, GT4088, GT4088R, GT4094, GT4094R, GT42, GT42R, GT4294, GT4294R, GT4202, GT42RS, GT4202R, GTX42, GTX4294, GTX4294R, GTX4202, GTX4202R, GT45, GT45R, GT4508, GT4508R, GTX45, GT45R, GTX45, GT4508, GTX4508R, S200SX, S248, S250, S251R, S256, S300SX3, S360, S363, S366, S400SX3, S471 T4, S475 T4, GT-K 850, GT-K 1000, Billet GT-K750, Billet GT-K850, Billet GT-K1050 etc.

Don't be fooled into a cheap, low quietly anything. Even something as simple as a flange are not all created equal. Side effects of a low quality flange are incorrect fitment, sloppy fit, doesn't fit, leaking, wrapping, stripping, rusting SS, barbs, rough textured finish, "plastic-ish" metal, difficult to weld, cracking welds, etc. Besides, do you really want a part made by a 9 year old in a sweat-shop? Use an HR flange to insure the very highest of quality.


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Great Customer Service!!

You guys are an example to every Shop! MANY THANKS for all your help! - Kenneth B of Mosta, Malta...


I can't thank Himni enough for your awesome customer service and technical help. The turbo parts fit perfect. My new favorite turbo shop! - Chris Y.......