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Exedy Stage 4 Twin Disc Clutch Kit- 1986-91 TURBO FC RX-7


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  • Model: ZM012SD
  • Manufactured by: Exedy

Turbo EXEDY Stage 4 Twin Disc Ceramic Clutch Kit for 1986-1991 FC Mazda RX-7.

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Exedy Stage 4 Twin Disc Clutch Kit characteristics gathered from HR's personal 'Real-World' testing:
- Use For: Street, Drag Race, Time Attack, Circuit Track, Autocross & Drift.
- Pressure Plate (clutch cover): Billet Aluminum, Increased clamp load over stock. Very Firm feeling but not overly heavy. Will not prematurely wear out clutch hydraulics. A nice positive feel with great feedback.
- Discs: (x2) Full Face Ceramic w/ sprung hubs.
- Engagement: Very Smooth, no chatter, transitions with broad "shippable" friction zone, no grind noise or bucking. Superior alternative to 6 & 4 single puck disc kits.
- This clutch kit is a legend. It is an outright amazing clutch that delivers in all aspects. Engages very smoothly making it perfect for daily street use while holding gobs of power for outright racing. It truly is the very best of both worlds. Perfect for high performance turbo rotary 13B 2 rotor & 20B 3 rotor applications producing up to about 640 WHP or roughly 510 FT/LBS of wheel torque. This is hands down a 5 star clutch.

- Disc Size: 200mm
- Spline Teeth/Major Dia: 23T / 26.2mm
- Clamping Force/Load exerted: 2205 LBS
- Disc Material: Ceramic
- Number of Disc: Twin
- Type (Push/Pull): Push
- Sprung Center (D-core): Yes
- Clutch Torque: 919
- Torque Capacity at Wheels: 511 FT/LBS

Full kit Includes:
- Clutch Discs & friction plates
- Aluminum Pressure Plate
- Lightweight chromoly flywheel
- Throwout/Release Bearing
- Pilot Bearing
- Flywheel bolts
- Clutch Disc Alinement Tool
- Installation Instructions

NOTE*** This kit requires the use of a counterweight. If being used with 1986-1988 S4 Turbo engine/rotors, use Mazda OEM counter weight part number: N327-11-521A. If being used with 1989-1991 S5 Turbo engine/rotors, use Mazda OEM counter weight part number: N327-11-521.

With over a decade of hands on experience & extensive clutch testing of just about every major brand, Himni Racing recommends Exedy Clutches for all rotary engine applications. Superior quality, durable, reliable & unrivaled performance are just a few factors that make Exedy above the rest. Available in a wide range of designs to suit simple OEM replacement to extreme racing.

For high-powered applications, EXEDY offers Multi plate clutches. These are designed for hot street action as well as drag, road, and rally racing. All of our multi plate clutches come with a lightweight chromoly steel flywheel, and the famous purple anodized forged aluminum clutch cover. All have T5001 cerametallic friction materials for extreme heat resistance. The multi plate clutches are rated up to 800+ foot pounds of torque at the flywheel. And come with spring damper or solid discs depending on the application.

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