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2A Himni Polyurethane Motor Mounts -STREET/RACE Mazda RX-7 86-92

Price :
  • Model: HR_poly_FC
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Himni Racing Polyurethane FC RX-7 Motor Mounts.. Extremely Smooth & no vibrations. The perfect blend for Street & Hard Race use. Backed by over a decade of R&D, we guarantee the Himni Racing RX-7 poly engine mounts to be the very best performance mounts available on the market today. Unlike any other other mounts, HR mounts use an exclusive poly blend to achieve an exact/specific density not otherwise possible with standard 'off the self' polyurethane stock.

Engine Stability: Up to 650 HP (OEM mounts jump around at even 100 WHP)
Vibrations to Body & Driver: No
Limited Life Time Warranty: Yes
Less engine movement then MazdaSpeed competition mounts? Yes
Fits: 86-92 Mazda RX-7 FC3S. Turbo II & N/A (Non-Turbo)

Recently updated to absorb all vibrations, The Himni Racing Polyurethane RX-7 motor mounts are the best of the best for your street driven FC3S! They hold a large amount of HP with no vibrations transmitted to the driver. This is only part of what separates the HR Poly Motor Mounts all others. Over many years, Himni Racing has tested countless configurations, materials & designs to archive the right motor mount balance of Holding The Engine In Place with little to no vibrations transmitted to the chases/driver. This makes the HR Poly Mounts KING. There is no longer any reason to vibrate you & your car in order to hold your engine steady.

The 'feel' they provide, even under light normal driving, is actually better then new OEM mounts by 10 fold. It's a more precise, realistic & in tune feel with the engine. There's a clean 'blip' feel off idle, then smooth all the way to redline. Good for 650 + WHP. Less then 1/2" of engine movement under full throttle & hard loads. Dyno testing has proved ZERO movement on a 472 WHP car. The new Himni Racing Polyurethane Engine Mount are the best choice to combine smooth operation & extreme engine stability.

HR mounts will greatly reduce the engine from "rocking" back & forth in the engine bay. This rock becomes more extreme during spirited driving & racing situations. Our mounts provide a much more potent launch, increased torque & HP transmitted to the wheels & eliminated missed shifts. These can be easily installed in an average of a half hour, without removing the engine! Simply bolt in.

Each mount set is made to allow the engine to sit in the bay as it would with the stock mounts, so no other modifications are needed. HR polyurethane transmission mounts & motor / transmission combo sets are also available on our site.

Comes With & Features:
- Made In The USA
- Himni Racing High Performance Polyurethane Motor Mount Set
- Good for 650 HP
- Smooth with no Vibrations.
- 8.8 Grade Metric Mounting Hardware
- Made In House by the Pros @ HR
- No Other Parts Required (Direct Bolt on)
- Easy Half Hour Installation (engine does not need to be removed)
- Eliminates the need for an engine torque brace.
- Extremely long life (capable of lasting a lifetime)
- Oil & Chemical Resistant
- FREE Rotor Decal
- Superior to the stock & MazdaSpeed Comp. mounts.


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