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T/S/MID GT Series Turbo Oil Return Flange w/ 5/8" Barb SHORT

Price :
  • Model: W15A025
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Made In USA. Himni Racing T-Series, S-Series & MID sized GT Series turbo oil return/drain/outlet adapter flange with integrated 5/8" Barb. For use with all the turbochargers listed below. Machined from T6 air craft grade aluminum to be lightweight, durable & to provide an exact fit with leak-free sealing. Highest quality available. The outlet has a 5/8" male hose barb fitting built in for use with any 5/8" I.D. hose. 1 piece design, 'Short Version'

- Brand: HIMN'I Racing
- Design: T/S/MID GT Oil Return Flange with 5/8" Barb, Short.
- Center Port Size: 5/8" Hose barb w/ lip.
- Bolt Spacing: 50.80mm from the center of one hole to the center of the other. (on center)
- Bolt Hole size: For use with standard 8mm bolts/studs or SAE equivalent.
- Material Type: T6 Billet aluminum
- Finish: Excellent, Raw, Smooth Machined
- Made In: United States (USA)
- Includes HR Exclusive 1 Year Warranty. Covers materials and craftsmanship to be free of any defects. Guaranteed to not otherwise fail.

Fits Most T Series, S Series & MID sized GT turbos including:
T3, T31, T3/T4, T3/T4E, T3/T04E, T3/60-1, T3/T04S, T4, T04, T04B, T04E, T04S, 60-1, T04R, T66, T67, T70, T04Z, T51R, GT40, GT40R, GT40RS, GT4088, GT4088R, GT4094, GT4094R, GTX4088R, GT42, GT42R, GT4294, GT4294R, GT4202, GT42RS, GT4202R, GTX42, GTX4294, GTX4294R, GTX4202, GTX4202R, S200SX, S248 (S200SX-48mm), S250 (S20SX-50mm), S251R (S200SX-51mm), S256 (S200SX-56mm), S300SX, S300SX3, S360 (S300SX-60mm) S363, (S300SX-63mm) S366 (S300SX-66mm), S371, S372, S374 S375, S400SX3, S467 (S400SX3-67mm), S471 (S400SX3-71mm), S474 (S400SX3-74mm, S475 (S400SX3-75mm), S476 (S400SX3-76mm), S480 (S400SX3-80mm), S482 (S400SX3-82mm)

Note:: For larger frame turbos (GT42R+, S400SX4+) use part number W15A035 oil return flange.


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