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Compressor Housing Backplate Adapter GT25R-GT35R

Price :

For Compressor Housing Type

  • Model: H15G060
  • Manufactured by: Garrett


This Compressor Housing Back plate adapter ring goes between CHRA and compressor housing on turbos GT2560R through GT35R. This is the plate that mounts the compressor housing to the CHRA. Factory Garrett part.

Select the correct back plate based on what turbine housing you have. Fits the following turbochargers:
GT28, GT28R, GT2860R, GT2660RS, GT2871R, GTX2860R, GTX2863R, GTX2867R, GT2876R, GT3071, GT3071R-WG, GT3076R-WG, GT3071R, GTX3071R, GT30, GT30R, GTX3067R, GT3076R, GTX3076R, GT3040R, GT3082R, GT35, GT35R, GTX35R, GTX3576R, GT3582R, GTX3582R, etc.


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