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1.75" Braided Exhaust Flex Joint 4.00" Long Stainless Steel

Price :
  • Model: HR-FLX-003
  • Manufactured by: Himni Racing


Made in USA.

1.75" diameter, 4.00" long, Stainless Steel Braided exhaust Flex Joint. High quality USA made item perfect for downpipes & exhaust. The 1.75" size makes it the ideal choice for use with a waste gate dump tube to down pipe connections. Matches up with the TiAL 44mm wastegate dump perfectly.

Under normal driving, the engine moves/"rocks" in the engine bay & in racing conditions, this movement can be very violent. This puts allot of stress on the a header, manifold, turbocharger & exhaust system. The result can be a cracked header, manifold, busted exhaust mounts or even damage to a turbocharger. The use of a flex joint on the downpipe and or exhaust absorbs this movement, not allowing it to be transferred to the vial components. High quality piece with restriction-free flow design.


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Oh my goodness! Fastest shipping I have ever experienced from the US! Many thanks - James S. Ontario, Canada...

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