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Borg Warner EFR 7064 Turbo (300-500 HP)

Price :
Starting at: $1,999.00

  • Model: 179355, 179389, 179391
  • Manufactured by: Borg Warner


BW EFR 7064 turbo. (300-500 HP Rating) "

The Borg Warner EFR 7064 is the 4th size (#4 of 7) turbocharger in the high performance EFR line up. The 52.2mm inducer, 70mm exducer Fully Machined Wheel (FMW) compressor flows 56lb/min & will support 500 HP. Truly remarkable for a wheel of it's size. Extremely quick spool & high HP output in a compact frame size. Unrestricted 3.50" air inlet, 2.00" slip-on coupler outlet with integrated Vband option allows use of a standard silicone connector or burst-proof V-band flange & clamp. The BW EFR 7064 is suitable for rally, drift, road racing, auto X, street & drag.

BorgWarner EFR (Engineered For Racing) Series turbos are purpose built units for the performance market & meet the needs of the next generation turbo consumer. Revolutionary from the ground up, each incorporates a long list of features never before seen in a single package. All old technology has been thrown away completely & the result is a whole new breed of turbo, packed full of cutting edge advancements. Great emphases has been put towards a more compact design, making each EFR the ideal choice for applications with limited space available. Outstanding ease of installation & budget friendly (thanks to their 'total package' platform) every EFR eliminates the need to purchase/fabricate/install a separate blow of valve & related flanges/tubing due to their already integrated BOV. The internally wastegated units present another large advantage in savings & install simplicity by eliminating the need for an external wastegate(s), related fab work & otherwise cumbersome materials.

Compressor Features
* Low inertia, Forged Billet Aluminum Compressor Wheel w/ Extended Tip Technology (ETT) provides the ultimate in response & extreme durability in high pressure applications.
* Speed sensor mounting provisions
* Built In BOV Included (All EFR compressor housings incorporate an integrated BOV)
* Boost Control Solenoid Included

Compressor Specs
* Compressor Wheel Inducer: 52.2mm
* Compressor Wheel Exducer (OD): 70mm
* Max Flow Rate: 56 lb/min
* Housing: 3.5" inlet, 2.0" hose coupler outlet w/ integrated Vband option

Turbine Features
* Gamma-Ti turbine wheel cuts turbine inertia up to 50%, dramatically improving turbo response & permitting high rotational speeds.
* Solid Stainless Steel Investment Cast thin wall turbine housing for extreme durability, huge weight reductions & lowered thermal inertia. Very smooth internal channels promote peak flow.
* Adjustable Internal wastegate actuator Included (internal wastegated units only)
* Large internal wastegate ports handle the flow requirements of high performance engines. (internal wastegated units only)

Turbine Specs
* Turbine Wheel OD: 64mm
* Available Housing Option #1: T3 Single Scroll Inlet, 3" (92mm OD) V-band downpipe discharge, .83 A/R, w/ Internal Wastegate
* Available Housing Option #2: T4 Divided / Twin Scroll Inlet, 3" (92mm OD) V-band downpipe discharge, .92 A/R w/ Internal Wastegate
* Available Housing Option #3: T4 Divided / Twin Scroll Inlet, 3" (92mm OD) V-band downpipe discharge, 1.05 A/R, Non-Internal wastegate. (for use with external wastegate only)

Center Section
* Dual Row Ceramic Ball Bearing Design (extreme durability & the lowest friction / fastest spooling bearing design produced to date)
* Built-in -4 AN oil control orifice included (no restrictor needed)
* Water-cooled ( water-cooling is recommended but not mandatory)
* Double seals on both turbine and compressor end for extreme durability & resistance to oil seepage

Note: #1 The turbo part number changes based on the turbine housing selected. The following part number(s) apply to this turbo. P/N: 179355 (T3), 179389 (T4 w/ WG), 179391 (T4 Non-WG)

Note #2: ALL of our Borg Warner turbochargers are fully balanced, brand new units from the factory & include BW's 1 year manufacturers warranty."


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