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Garrett GT3076R Ball Bearing Turbo - GT30R (525 HP)

Starting at: $1,140.00

Please Choose:

Polished Comp Housing Upgrade?


Exhaust / Turbine Housing Type

K24 / K26 (.63 or .82 A/R only)

T25/T28 w/ V-band Exit (T25 Plus .63 or .82 A/R)

T3 Divided w/ 3" V-Band Exit (.78, .82, 1.06 A/R)

T3 Inlet w/ 2.50" V-Band Downpipe Discharge

T3 Undivided w/ 2.5" 4_Bolt Exit

T3 Undivided w/ 3" GT 4_Bolt Exit

T3 Undivided w/ 3" V-Band Exit

T3 w/ 5_Bolt Exit (Ford Style)

T4 Divided w/ 3" V- Band exit ( 1.06 a/r only )

T4 Undivided w/ 3" V- Band Exit ( .82 a/r only )

T4 UNdivided w/ 3.00" V-band 1.06 A/R

TiAL V-Band Stainless Steel

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  • Model: 700382-12 , 700382
  • Manufactured by: Garrett

Have a question or need help? Not sure about what housing or A/R you need? Email us through our "Contact Us" page & we will be happy to help. GT35R

Garrett GT3076R Turbo (aka GT30R aka GT3037R)

Select your options from the menu
-Pick Your Turbine/exhaust housing (Pick from K24/K26, T25 plus, T3, T4 or Tial Stainless steel turbine)
-Turbine A/R, (Pick from .63, .72, .78, .82, 1.06 A/R)

This turbo is capable of about 525 HP. Brand New Authentic Garrett Dual Ball Bearing GT30R Turbo assembly with you pick of exhaust (turbine) housing & A/R. This turbo is available with a variety of different turbine housings to fit many applications & configurations. Pick from T25 plus, T3 divided, T3 undivided, T4 divided, T4 undivided or Tial stainless steel housings.

Anti-Surge style compressor housing with 4.00" inlet and 2.00" outlet. This turbo would be comparable to the HKS GT3037. The GT30R / GT3076R turbine housings with 4 bolt exit are made out of ductile Ni-Resist iron (has a nickel content of about 38%). This material is much better at withstanding high exhaust gas temperatures than regular cast iron. The turbine wheel is inconnel 713 and is good for up to 1700 degrees fahrenheit. You'll make a lot more power with this turbo than most turbos comparable.

Note:: ALL of our Garrett GT turbochargers come Fully Balanced from the factory & have the Manufacturers Warranty.

The turbo part number change based on the turbine & compressor housing selected, CHRA numbers only, etc. The following Garrett P/N's applies to this turbo.

The Garrett GT series line up is much more efficient then the old "T" technology & provides spool-up 1000's of RPMs quicker. The GT series turbos are stronger, more reliable, have less shaft movement, better flow dynamics, less lag....the list goes on. Simply put, GT blows T away!!

- Wheel: 76.2mm w/ 56 trim
- Housing A/R: .60 a/r
- Housing Style: 4" anti-surge inlet w/ 2" outlet
- Polished Housing Available: Select Above

Turbine / Exhaust:
- Wheel: 60mm w/ 84 trim
- Housing A/R: Your Pick of... .63 A/R, .78, .82 A/R or 1.06 A/R
- Turbine Housing Type: Many Housings available. Pick from menu.

Center Section:
- Dual Stainless Steel Ball Bearings
- Oil & Water Cooled

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